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The shift to limited onsite staffing calls for new methods in production monitoring and management. Aspen eLearning can augment your staff’s current skills with the tools and training to work effectively in a remote environment.

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Our courses were created and curated by AspenTech experts with you in mind. Apply the insightful knowledge you gain to tackle your most complex challenges.
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Extensive library of Asset Performance Management, Engineering, and Manufacturing & Supply Chain courses, all of which are available 24/7/365 from anywhere. You set the pace on your schedule.
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Bite-sized courses are organized into guided learning paths, enabling you to quickly progress from beginner to expert in your areas of focus.
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View the full list of Aspen eLearning’s Asset Performance Management, Engineering, and Manufacturing & Supply Chain courses. Each course provides a guided learning path as developed by our own experts. Solve your most complex process engineering or operational problems faster than ever before.

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