Maximize business continuity by deploying aspenONE® in the cloud

Running the aspenONE software in your company’s cloud is a great alternative for AspenTech software users working from home. Here is what you need to know when considering this option:

What are some benefits of deploying aspenONE V11 in the cloud?
  • Boost productivity: Quick access through the internet, anytime, anywhere. Collaborate with colleagues, customers, or consultants on the same model over the internet.
  • Cost savings and scalability: reduced upgrade time and effort. You only pay for cloud infrastructure while users are running applications.
  • Access to the latest technology: with centralized cloud deployment, engineers have the latest aspenONE software and capabilities.
  • Disaster recovery: minimize downtime and remain productive.
Which cloud platforms are supported in aspenONE V11?
  • Microsoft Azure VM
  • Amazon VM (AWS)
  • Nutanix Frame
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Apps Essentials
Which aspenONE V11 products are supported in the Cloud?
aspenONE suite aspenONE V11 products Supported Cloud Platforms
Engineering Aspen Plus
Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating
Aspen Economic Evaluation
Aspen Properties
Aspen Online
Aspen Properties
Aspen Basic Engineering Desktop Client
Microsoft Azure VM
Amazon VM (AWS)
Nutanix Frame
Azure Virtual Apps Essentials
Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Aspen InfoPlus.21 (server)
Aspen CIM-IO
aspenONE Process Explorer (server)
Aspen Operations Reconciliation and Accounting
Aspen Production Record Manager
Aspen Production Execution Manager
Microsoft Azure VM
Amazon VM (AWS)
Supply Chain Management (SCM) Aspen Supply Planner
Aspen Plant Scheduler
Aspen Collaborative Forecasting
Aspen Demand Management
Aspen Schedule Explorer
Microsoft Azure VM
Petroleum Supply Chain Aspen PIMS-AO
Aspen Petroleum Scheduler
Aspen Multi-period Blend Optimizer
Nutanix Frame
Asset Performance Management (APM) Aspen Cloud Connect Microsoft Azure VM
Licensing and Infrastructure Software License Manager (SLM)
Aspen Exchange
Aspen Infrastructure
Microsoft Azure VM
Amazon VM (AWS)

See the supported platform page for more info.

Ready to start deploying aspenONE V11 in the cloud? Here’s how:
Want more details or need assistance?
Contact AspenTech’s Technical Support team via chat, phone, e-mail or web.
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