Aspen Enterprise Insights™

Improve project and operations performance with actionable data insights from across the enterprise.

Visualize Information, Monitor Asset Performance and Streamline Workflows

Improve Enterprise Performance Management

Optimize efforts and resources to improve operational excellence, project efficiency, and performance.

Gain Actionable Insights

Enable informed strategic decisions for the enterprise by identifying the high-value data needed to provide insights and take action.

Transform Work Processes

Drive greater collaboration through an automated, seamless flow of information to manage workflows and make decisions across business functions.

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Introducing Aspen Enterprise Insights

Introducing Aspen Enterprise Insights

What if all your data could easily provide strategic insights to your users across your entire enterprise? That's Aspen Enterprise insights, the first hybrid cloud visualization and workflow managemen...

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A Whole New Way to Capture View and Use Data

Discover a whole new way to capture, view and use data.

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Realizing the Promise of Embedded AI With Two Key Additions

Learn more about the drivers behind AspenTech's recent acquisitions of Sabisu and Mnubo.

Webinar: Leverage Visual Data Analytics to Drive Enterprise Performance

Leverage Visual Data Analytics to Drive Enterprise Performance

Did you know that up to 73% of data within an enterprise goes unused? With so many connected devices and processes, it’s critical for companies to more easily capture, view and share this data across ...

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Aspen Enterprise Insights

Aspen Enterprise Insights

Aspen Enterprise Insights is a unique hybrid-cloud-based software product with a flexible enterprise visualization and workflow management solution that delivers real-time decision support across your...

The Importance of Seeing the Whole Picture

The Importance of Seeing the Whole Picture

Aspen Enterprise Insights? enables you to visualize data across your enterprise, giving you actionable information to make the best decisions.


How Digitalization Accelerates Large Capital Projects

By leveraging an automated digital flow of information, business functions can drive increased collaboration, accelerating the delivery of large capital projects. Join this webinar to learn how Aspen ...

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