Asset Performance Management
Reduced on-site staffing means fewer eyes on the process and equipment to see problems coming. Asset Performance Management with predictive maintenance can help you see downtime coming and plan around it.
Improve availability and utilization, lower maintenance costs and improve HS&E.
reduction in unplanned downtime
reduction in safety incidents
reduction in maintenance costs

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Prescriptive Maintenance


Improve Asset Reliability with Aspen Mtell

Over the past 40 years, maintenance best practices have greatly improved, but equipment continues to break down. So how can asset reliability be improved? With Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance sof...

Process Breakdown

Preventing Process Breakdowns with Aspen Mtell

See how Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance prevents catastrophic failure of a centrifugal gas compressor by enabling real-time process adjustments to prevent liquid carryover. This video demonstrate...

Aspen Mtell: What is an Agent?

Aspen Mtell: What is an Agent?

Aspen Mtell is a prescriptive maintenance solution that uses Agents to recognize asset failures earlier and with greater accuracy. Learn what an Agent is, what they do, how they are created, and how t...


Assess Reliability

AT-05192_Mtell-Fidelis Decision Agility__LP

Improve Decision Agility with Aspen Mtell and Aspen Fidelis Reliability

Machine learning technology can now predict equipment failures weeks in advance. But how do you decide when and how to perform the repair to maximize productivity and minimize risk? In this video, lea...

The Aspen Fidelis Reliability? Difference: Minimize Risk, Maximize Profitability

Making Capital Project Management Decisions: Minimize Risk, Maximize Profitability

Making big capital project management decisions shouldn’t be left to subjective perceptions or over-simplified analysis. Decision-makers need quantifiable, trustworthy answers to make the most profita...

White Paper
When Lightning Strikes Twice

When Lightning Strikes Twice

After an electrical storm stopped gas production at one of its plants, SABIC executives and reliability engineers turned to Aspen Fidelis Reliability to calculate the probability of it—or a similarly ...


Insights & Execution

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A Whole New Way to Capture View and Use Data

Discover a whole new way to capture, view and use data.

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Introducing Aspen Enterprise Insights

Introducing Aspen Enterprise Insights

What if all your data could easily provide strategic insights to your users across your entire enterprise? That's Aspen Enterprise insights, the first hybrid cloud visualization and workflow managemen...

Process Manufacturing with Aspen ProMV?

Process Manufacturing with Aspen ProMV?

Aspen ProMV provides insight into all the variability issues that plague process manufacturing, and guidance for process engineers, control engineers, and operators to make appropriate process adjustm...


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Aspen Mtell

Aspen Mtell

Get early and accurate warning of when an asset failure will occur, how the failure will occur and what to do about it.

Aspen Fidelis Reliability

Aspen Fidelis

Everything is different. You’ve got a lot of decisions to make and you need to quickly compare options. Aspen Fidelis can simulate the range of scenarios and show you the impact on overall plant perfo...

Aspen ProMV

Aspen ProMV

Identify the real underlying sources of variation in production processes that impact reliability and quality.

Aspen Enterprise Insights

Aspen Enterprise Insights?

Improve project and operations performance with actionable data insights from across the enterprise.

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